General guidelines for Central University Common Entrance Test CUCET

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The tentative dates are announced for the tests. The tests are scheduled based on coordination etc needed to organize the exams in more than 35 centers. As such no requests for rescheduling will be entertained. Therefore requests for rescheduling will not be
replied. As already announced the tentative dates will be confirmed on May 20, 2011 with changes if any. Please also note that CUCET reserves the right to allocate candidates to the nearest test
centres in case of administrative and other contingencies.

There are frequent queries with regard to entrance examination and syllabus. Admission to Central Universities participating in CUCET 2011 is for five year Integrated MA/MSC/MBA programmes and also
post graduate programmes in arts, sciences, technology and humanities. The students are required to see the eligibility conditions for admission to various programmes.

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