Higher Secondary Admission

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Higher Secondary Admission 2011-’12
(English Translation)

The Single Window System has succeeded in rendering plus one admission process
simple and transparent and in ensuring social justice in it during the last three years. It has been
decided to conduct this year’s admission process also in the Single Window method. Prospectus
for the academic year 2011-12, which has been approved by the government, is published

1 Eligibility for Admission

Those candidates who have passed the 10th standard examination conducted by the Board
of Public Examinations, Kerala or CBSE or ICSE or THSLC or equivalent examination from
other states or countries can apply for admission. The candidate should have got eligibility for
higher studies by scoring a minimum of D+ grade or equivalent percentage of marks for each
paper. The marks of candidates whose qualifying examination is not in grading system will be
converted to grades for calculating their WGPA. All the applicants should have secured the
minimum marks prescribed by the concerned Board for passing each paper.
The candidate must have attained 15 years of age and not be over 20 years on 1st June
2011. However there is no lower age limit for candidates who have passed the 10th standard
examination conducted by Board of Public Examinations, Kerala. The Director, Higher
Secondary Education has the authority to sanction relaxation upto 6 months in both lower and
upper age limits for candidates belonging to schemes other than Kerala State Board Syllabus.
The upper age limit of candidates from Kerala State Board syllabus is relaxable upto six months
by the concerned Regional Deputy Director, Higher Secondary Education. SC/ST candidates are
eligible for upper age relaxation upto 2 years and the upper age for applicants afflicted with
visual impairment, hearing impairment, and mental retardation/brain diseases is relaxable
upto 5 years.

2 Submission of application
The cost of the application form is Rs 10. Application forms are available in all the
government and aided higher secondary schools in the state. There are separate application forms
and prospectus for each revenue district. And for the same reason a candidate who seeks
admission in the schools in a revenue district should obtain the application form and prospectus
from any of the schools in that revenue district and submit the filled in application in any of the
schools in the same district. The prospectus obtained from one district will contain the school
details of that district only. If a candidate seeks admission in more than one revenue district
he/she should submit separate applications for each district. Candidates should not submit more
than one application in a district for Single Window Admission. After submission of the
application form in the school the candidates should obtain the acknowledgement slip duly
signed by the Principal and affixed with the school seal. The candidates should keep this
acknowledgement slip with them till they get permanent admission. The slip is essential for
all further enquiries on the application.
Self attested photostat copies of SSLC and certificates in proof of eligibility for bonus
points and other benefits, if claimed by the applicant, should be enclosed along with the
application form. Those who passed SSLC in the year 2011 in Kerala State Syllabus are
permitted to submit the internet copy of the mark list along with the application instead of the
copy of the original certificate. Applicants need not submit separate certificates in proof of
caste, religion, local body, taluk etc. if these details are there in SSLC. However the candidates
should submit self attested copies of relevant certificates if they claim benefits the proof of
which is not there in SSLC.

3 Management/Community Quota Seats
School Managements are vested with the authority to conduct admission to the
management quota seats in the aided schools. Admission to community quota in aided schools
run by managements belonging to minority/ backward communities will be given to students of
the same community on merit basis. The details of such admissions including grade point of
candidates will be displayed in the school notice board. The Director, Higher Secondary
Education is vested with the authority to review and, if necessary, to cancel any admission
conducted in school in violation of the norms. Those who seek admission in Management/
Community Quota in a particular school should purchase the form for this purpose from the
same school and submit the filled in form also there. Application forms prescribed for Single
Window Admission should not be used for management/ community quota admissions.

4 Admission Committee
There will be an admission committee for the conduct of the admission process in each
school with the Principal of the school as convenor. The admission committee will be comprised
of 4 senior higher secondary teachers including the Higher secondary IT Co-ordinator (HITC).
The effective functioning of the admission committee and the flawless conduct of the admission
process are the responsibilities of the Principal of the school.

5 Help Desks

A help desk consisting of higher secondary teachers and PTA representatives will
function at every school till the closure of admission. This help desk will advise students in
matters like filling up of the application form, verification of application details etc. The
Principal will supervise the activities of the help desk at school level. There will also be help
desks at district, regional, and state levels for the guidance of both teachers and students in
matters of admission process. The district, regional and state level help desks will function
under the guidance of the District Co-ordinator (Higher Secondary Education), Regional Deputy
Director and Joint Director(Academic) respectively.

6 Validation of Application Details

Furnishing wrong details in the application will result in the cancellation of the allotment
and will undermine the admission prospects of the applicant. For the same reason the applicants
are liable to ensure the correctness of the data in their applications. All the applicants will be
given opportunity to check their application details in the admission website. Applicants can
visit the admission portal www.hscap.kerala.gov.in and view their application by submitting the
application number. Applications can be viewed in the website as soon as they are registered
online from the schools. The school authorities will register the applications online as soon as
they receive them from the applicants. All the applicants should validate the application details
either by themselves or with the help of other reliable persons. If any correction is required the
request for the same with all relevant documents should be submitted to the Principal of the
school where the original application is submitted within stipulated time and the applicants
should see that such corrections are effected. The Principal will issue a receipt to the applicant
for the request submitted by him/her.

7 Trial Allotment

There will be a trial allotment before finalizing the first allotment and it will be published
in the website. The aim of the trial allotment is to provide the applicants a last and final chance to
verify and, if necessary, correct their application details. Even at this stage the applicants can
request for any correction in their application including the modification of options. The
Principal of the school will issue receipts for such requests. However no request for
correction/modification will be accepted after the stipulated time.

8 Allotment Process

After the main phase which comprises 3 allotments supplementary allotments will be
conducted for filling the vacant seats. On completion of the first phase all the students who retain
provisional admission should compulsorily remit fees and get their admission regularized. The
applications freshly invited from students belonging to SC/ST categories against the
vacancies in the same categories will be considered in the third allotment. Those who got
permanent admission in previous allotments will not hold any claim for the vacancies arise in
future. However students who didn’t get their better options in the first phase can apply for such
options by school/ combination transfer. School Transfer and Combination Transfer will be
allowed according to the merit of the applicants and subject to the availability of vacancies. The
details of vacancies available for school transfer will be published in the admission portal. The
published vacancies and the vacancies resultant to transfer alone will be considered for transfer.
Subsequent vacancies will be filled through supplementary allotments. Supplementary
allotments will be started only after carrying out the school/combination transfers of the
students who got admission in the first phase. Vacancies will be published before inviting
applications for supplementary allotments. Those who submitted application but didn’t get
allotment in the first phase needs to renew the existing application if they wish to be
considered for the supplementary allotments. Based on the new vacancies the options also can
be modified. These renewed applications also will be considered for admission after including
them in the merit list prepared for the supplementary allotment. However applications which are
not renewed will not be considered for allotment. Those who couldn’t submit application during
the first phase also can apply for the supplementary allotment. Those who qualify themselves
for higher studies in the SSLC SAY Examinations 2011 also will be considered at this stage.
Applications from students who retain the regular admission they got during the first phase will
not be considered for the supplementary allotment. One more school/combination transfer
process will be conducted after the supplementary allotments subject to the availability of

9 Permanent Admission, Provisional Admission

Those who are allotted their first option should join the allotted school permanently by
remitting fees within time. If fees is not remitted such seats are considered vacant. These
candidates will not be considered for admission in further allotments. A candidate who is allotted
in a lower option can prefer, if he/she wishes, provisional admission and retain his/her higher
options. Such candidates should submit their qualifying certificates in original to the
Principal for getting provisional admission. The candidates need not remit any fees for
provisional admission. These candidates on getting a better option should report to the new
school with the original certificates returned from the earlier school. A candidate can retain his
provisional admission in this manner till the end of the first phase. If a candidate wishes to get
permanent admission in a lower option he/she can cancel the higher options, remit the fees and
get permanent admission. Such candidates should submit the request for cancellation of higher
options to the principal on the day of admission. There is also provision for canceling options
selectively. Those students who retain their higher options should shift to the new school if they are given allotments in the options of their choice. Qualifying certificates in original
should be submitted for both provisional and permanent admissions. Admission will not be
granted if original certificates are not produced. Those who fail to report for admission within the
time limit announced after each allotment will not be considered for further allotments. All the
admissions and school transfers to the merit seats will be conducted exclusively through the
Single Window System till the closure of admission. The list of students admitted in each school
will be published in the website after each allotment. Both the students and parents can examine
these lists.

10 Submission of application in multiple districts

If a candidate who submitted application for admission in more than one district gets
allotment in all these districts he/she ought to select one of these allotments and all the other
allotments will be automatically cancelled. Such candidates, if they wish so, can opt provisional
admission in the district they choose for admission and retain their higher options there.
However if the candidate who applied in multiple districts gets allotment only in one district
he/she can choose it for admission and shift to the other district on getting allotment there in
succeeding allotments. In this case all the options of the candidate in the previous district will be
automatically cancelled and he/she can retain the higher options, if any exists, in the new district. 

CLICK HERE for getting more information and this source by http://hscap.kerala.gov.in .

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