Higher Secondary Centralized Allotment Process hsCAP

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Form For Higher Option Deletion
CBSE/ICSE-Instructions to Principals
Sports/Management/Community Quota Admissions-Instructions

First Allotment Results Published . Admission dates : 6th , 7th & 8th June 2011 : DHSE
Admission Dates For First Allotment : 06/06/2011 , 07/06/2011 & 08/06/2011
The Directorate of Higher Secondary Education, Govt of Kerala, http://www.dhsekerala.gov.in

Single Window Application Forms will be issued to CBSE / ICSE Students From 04/06/2011 .The Last date for Submission of Forms to Schools is 07/06/2011.

Admission Of First allotment will be on 06/06/2011 , 07/06/2011 & 08/06/2011.

Last Date For Sports Quota Admissions : 10th June 2011 .


* Swimming  => Click Here

* Normalizing Graeds CBSE => Click Here

* Plus one Admission to CBSE / ICSE Students => Click Here

* Admission 2011-12: Marginal Increase & Seat matrix Verification => CLICK

* Single Window Admission 2011-'12: Seatmatrix Verification => CLICK HERE

* Last Rank details-2010:Instructions => CLICK HERE

* Application Distribution 2011 => CLICK HERE

* SportsQuota Excess Seats  => CLICK HERE

* Instructions to Schools-Application Sales/Recieve Entry => CLICK HERE

* FormSales Instructions - Schools & Error in Prospectus => CLICK HERE

* HITC Training Schedule => CLICK HERE

* IED Reference No.-clarifications => CLICK HERE

* Instructions to Principals- Application Upload Confirmation => CLICK HERE

* Instruction to Principals-Data Correction  => CLICK HERE

To get more details try http://hscap.kerala.gov.in/CMS/index.php and above informations are taken from this site.

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